PBL continuum

The diagram below shows how the PBL continuum applies to all students. PBL establishes strong school-wide universal systems that promote early intervention, and the teaching and acknowledging of social-emotional skills. PBL helps schools to develop consistent systems to discourage unproductive behaviour. 

Tier 2 targeted support is a team driven process.  It strengthens and builds upon what has been taught to students at the universal level. Some students, approximately 10-15 per cent, will respond to Tier 1 supports but will continue to exhibit some difficulties. These students may be need additional academic and/or social-emotional support.

A smaller group of students, approximately 1-5 per cent, may need individualised and intensive Tier 3 supports as well as universal and targeted support. Schools will build upon the  foundations of the school-wide system to support these students. Interventions focus on creating and implementing individualised behaviour support plans that are linked to the universal system.

The PBL continuum triangle showing the 3 tiers.