Tier 2 targeted interventions

Some students, approximately 10-15 per cent, will respond to Tier 1 supports but will still need some additional support. These students may have academic and/or social-emotional learning needs that require more targeted supports. As with Tier 1 systems, Tier 2 targeted support is a team driven process designed to enhance and build upon what has been taught to students at the universal level.

Tier 2 interventions  address students' social-emotional skills through evidence-based programs delivered to small groups of students or individual students. The involvement of the classroom teacher helps the student to use new skills and builds the teacher's capacity to better understand and effectively respond to students with unproductive and challenging behaviours. Students are taught to self-regulate and learn from natural consequences. Small-group targeted interventions includes a skill building and a self-monitoring process. For example, students may check-in and out at a central location with an adult across the day with the aim of increasing productive behaviours such as attendance, work completion and academic engagement.