Families are important members of the school's community. 

  • When schools and families work together toward a common goal of helping all children and young people to be successful, it is much more likely to happen.
  • Families have valuable insights and information about how their children learn best and what help they need. An older and younger girl hugging for camera.
  • School personnel can help families support their children and young people at home in learning and developing academic, social-emotional and behavioural skills.
  • PBL schools find various ways to update families on a regular basis about their activities, lessons, projects and celebrations. Schools actively communicate with families so they understand and support the PBL process.
  • Families benefit from learning how to use similar strategies at home for teaching and supporting their children's social and behaviour skills.
  • PBL schools encourage family members to volunteer in their schools and to participate on their PBL leadership teams.

The School a to z website is a useful resource for parents and carers at school information or orientation sessions and transition programs.