Successful implementation of PBL needs the support and commitment of the principal. 

Whole school ownership of the process helps to implement this process well.

Keys to success include:Principal talking to male students about soccer.

  • at least 80% of staff being willing to support PBL 
  • a team approach, where the team meets at least once per month
  • creating, reviewing and revising the PBL action plan
  • collaborating with the entire staff to plan and implement PBL
  • frequently reviewing, revising and documenting the process and saving related documents and data
  • clearly stating expectations of students and staff
  • developing and using a common vision, language and experience to support PBL implementation.

Principals and executive teachers actively lead and promote the PBL process within the school and the wider school community. They are active members of the team and provide ongoing support to all team members. Successful implementation is more likely when PBL is embedded into the school plan and relevant school policies. This supports the school to sustain changes over the long term.

For a detailed explanation of how PBL aligns with the National Safe Schools Framework please visit the Safe Schools Hub