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Resources to share- please contribute.

We are looking for good resources that our schools and coaches implementing PBL have developed. If your team has developed a great  resource, we would value you sharing it with us. Depending on the resource, we might share it on this website, include it in our training materials or share it with our PBL coaches, who can then share the resource with other schools. Some suggestions to get you started include: Examples of how your school has:

  • embraced student voice through PBL.
  • linked cultural responsiveness with PBL
  • linked teaching expectations and rules with the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum
  • involved families and the school community

Other suggestions include:

  • example lesson plans that use the effective teaching practices
  • teaching matrices that include 3-5 or  expectations with 5 or less positively stated rules for each setting, for example: all settings, classroom, and non classroom settings such as canteen, cyber, hallways, buses, and playgrounds.