PBL is a team driven process. It is important that the team represents the voices of students, families, staff and community. The team works to establish strong school-wide universal systems (Tier 1) that promote early intervention and the teaching and acknowledging of social-emotional skills.  Tier 2 targeted group interventions and Tier 3 intensive individualised interventions are also team driven and build upon what has been taught to students at the universal level. Schools consider their local context and needs to work out the number and type of teams they need.

It is recommended that these teams are guided by the alignment of the school's vision statement, school plan and PBL purpose statement to lead the entire staff to implement the PBL action plan thoroughly. School teams leading PBL implementation:PBL team of teachers talking at training.

  • establish and maintain a representative team with principal support, that meets at least monthly. 
  • create, review and revise an annual action plan to support their implementation
  • clearly state school-wide expectations for students and staff
  • collaborate with all staff to plan and implement PBL
  • collect and use data for decision making related to the effectiveness of their universal systems and practices
  • involve family, carers and community throughout planning and implementation
  • embed culturally responsive practices throughout planning and implementation
  • establish clear working relationships between other teams with common goals.